House Party

House Party

By Laurie Penny

A character-driven Larp about social violence, surveillance, the personas we perform and the games we play. Players will build characters from pre-designed skins and co-create both relationships within the game and the dark dystopian Britain outside.

House Party is a long-running reality show that exists within an alternate-universe near future United Kingdom. Players compete in nonsensical challenges and try to win votes from the tv audience at home.

Every month, one new ‘housemate’ arrives. Every month, one ‘housemate’ is chosen to die – and the others must perform the execution. If you can survive for a year, you get to go home. In this larp, we will play through one month in the game. Expect pop music, party snacks and a lot of type 2 fun.

Tagline: Squid Game meets Big Brother in a dystopian Taskmaster.
Where: The Grand Stage
When: Thursday 17.00 – 21.00. (Be in the Lounge at least 15 minutes before.)
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: 12-20
Language: English