By Alex Brown

Carousel is a rite of passage for the Sun Commune to honour the transition to renewable energy and punctuate the passing of time with a dance ceremony.

The larp takes inspiration from its namesake scene in Logan’s Run, inverting its dystopian nature through ecstatic dance and building mirror balls under the influence of speculative fiction writers such as Ursula K Le Guin and Marge Piercy.

In the decentralised spirit of solarpunk, the workshop and larp is weighted towards collaborative co-design of the community, its social values, and activities. By experimenting with transformative ways of organising society and degrowth, there is an invitation for players to reflect on hopes and fears for society and climate.

Tagline: A helluva ride into solarpunk futures.
Where: The Black Box
When: Saturday 11.00 – 15.00. (Be in the Lounge at least 15 minutes before.)
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: 8-16
Language: English