In the Lounge you can hang out, relax, have a beer, or simply just chat about the larp you just went to play.

Blackbox Cph is moving to a new location and the Lounge will move into the top floor of the building, where we will try to furnish a large sunlit room into a cozy place to hang out.

The Lounge will be equipped with plenty of hand sanitizer and must close at 1.00 am at the latest, but no other present or scheduled COVID-19 restictions by the Danish authorities will have an impact on the Lounge.

The Lounge is also the place you will be able to find our organiser on duty, which will be your contact if anything should happen, if you want to report misconduct, if you need someone to talk to, or if you simply need help with something.

Saturday evening we will pack up the Lounge and move the whole thing down to the main stage, where we will host our traditional Blackbox Party. We can promise you cold beverages, cool party music, and the best dance floor that Copenhagen or any larp related event have to offer.