In the Lounge you can hang out, relax, have a beer, or simply just chat about the larp you just went to play.

Blackbox Cph is moving to a new location and we are still trying to figure out, how to best set up the Lounge at the new venue.

The Lounge will be equiped with plenty of hand sanitizer and due of current restrictions, face masks must be worn in the Lounge, when not sitting down. We are trying our best to adhere to all restrictions put down by the Danish authorities in order to stave off COVID-19, as a result of that we may have to keep a tally of how many people we let into the Lounge.

Traditionally Saturday evening is the time for party in the Lounge, but due to limitations of COVID-19 there will most likely not be a party this year. We are currently working on a suitable alternative, and hoping to come up with something good.

The Lounge is also the place you will be able to find our organiser on duty, which will be your contact if anything should happen, if you want to report misconduct, if you need someone to talk to, or if you simply need help with something.