By Joel Östlund


It all began when the mist came. The mist made it impossible to leave. Then people started to die in their sleep…

Deathville is a horror and drama larp. Play out the most important days in the history of the small town Deathville. As a Grave Digger, Doctor or High School Student, you will have the opportunity to save the town or to be part of its downfall.


You can’t stop death once she has made her decision
Meeting place: Musikcaféen, 15 minutes before the larp
When: Saturday 18th of January 2020 at 11am
Length: 4 hours
Participants: 12-20
Language: English
Player ticket: 100 dkk

Audience Experience: As audience you will watch, but you will also get the opportunity to walk the streets of Deathville when it plunges into darkness and despair. Perhaps you will drink a cup of coffee with the hero that later is said to have saved them all. Perhaps the mists will lure you in and make you into something else.
Audience welcome from: 1pm
Meeting place: Musikcaféen, 15 minutes before the larp
Language: English
Audience ticket: 50 dkk


Image by: Staffan Fladvad