Beautiful Beings

Beautiful Beings

By Nina Runa Essendrop


In a black and white, two-dimensional world lives a group of curious creatures. Their world is simple and poetic and easy for them to understand, but sometimes they long for more.

They travel to our three-dimensional world, where they get to inhabit three-dimensional bodies and immerse into the chaos of our complex reality. They observe the Beautiful Beings and record their experiences through abstract, two-dimensional, black and white drawings, in order to bring the beauty home and enrich their world.

Players get to observe, imitate and make abstract drawings of the beautiful qualities and beings they find in our reality. The audience will interact with the Creatures as the Beautiful Beings they can observe, learn from and find beauty within.

The larp takes place in Musikcaféen, where the lounge will also be.


A poetic larp about re-discovering our world and the beauty of the people within it.
Meeting place:
Musikcaféen, 15 minutes before the larp
Friday 17th of January 2020 at 5pm
4 hours
Participants: 5-10
Language: English
Player ticket: 100 dkk


Audience Experience: Audience are going to be themselves as the beautiful beings they already are. They are there to help the Creatures, and they will be prepared for how to do that before the larp starts, learning how to interact and allowing the creatures to see their beautiful qualities. The larp aims to be a peaceful, playful and meditative experience.
Audience welcome from: 7pm
Meeting place: Musikcaféen, 15 minutes before the larp
Audience: 3-10
Language: English
Audience ticket: 50 dkk