Call for programme – Blackbox Cph X

Call for programme – Blackbox Cph X

This year, the oldest dedicated blackbox festival in the Nordics will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Since 2011, Blackbox Cph has provided a platform for experimental larp design, forging connections across national borders and between different art forms and styles of design. Despite the challenges of 2020, we hope to make Blackbox Cph 2021 just as inspiring and interesting as all the years before. But of course, we can’t do it alone. Therefore we cordially invite you to send us your pitch and help create the programme. 


As other years, we’ve again come up with some themes, for you to draw inspiration from. The themes for 2021 are:  Books, Body, Blood. 


‘Books’ is about reinterpreting and redesigning existing fiction. Take a look at your book- or movie shelf – maybe there’s a black box larp hiding in The Metamorphoses, Sandman, your fairytale collection, the old testament, or the newest American crime show? You can also take inspiration from literature as form. Maybe your larp has footnotes, is written in rhyme, or is led by different narrators?

‘Body’ encourages designing for and about being physical. The theme can cover identity questions, being differently or extraordinarily abled, being together or being forced apart.  It might play with possession, the animalistic, the freakish, question beauty ideals, interrogate sensuality. Maybe it uses dance as a mechanic or symbolic amputation? 

‘Blood’ signifies vitality and woundedness. Dripping down the body of Jesus Christ and imbibed at Communion, the drink of choice of Draculas everywhere, the rich primary colour of horror movies, it calls to something primal. Blood is also bloodlines: family ties, inheritance, commitments; blood oaths exchanged between little boys in solemn seriosity, blood debts paid by Shakespearean characters, destined for death. A dab of red, for your consideration. 


Send in your idea
Blackbox Cph is inclusive of designers of all backgrounds and with every level of experience, and you do not need to have designed anything similar before to participate!  If you’re new to blackbox design, you might want to start by reading these guidelines.

Use this form to send us your idea. You’ll have a chance to make changes later, so don’t worry about getting it perfect. But make sure you’ve thought about both theme and design from the start. 

The deadline for submissions is October 18th. You can expect your answer 1-2 weeks after that. We have space for 12 larps at the festival. 

Once your concept has been picked, we’ll be available with guidance and support, depending on need. You’ll be assigned a stage for the festival, with light and sound equipment and the dedicated support of one of our technicians. All you have to do is design and run your blackbox larp. 



Your larp can be no more than 4 hours including workshop, breaks and debrief. 

Your larp should allow for a flexible number of participants, and preferably up to at least 8.

You should actively think about how to use light and sound as part of your design. You’ll be able to get extra help with this. 

Blackbox Cph is primarily a festival for premier larps, so we’ll prioritise original larps when putting together the programme. You’re still welcome to submit reruns, and we usually do have 1-2.

Blackbox Cph X will be held 15th-17th January, 2021, at Huset in Copenhagen. Deadline for submissions is October 18th. 



Photographer: Bo Jørgensen