Call for Blackbox 2022

Call for Blackbox 2022

Blackbox Cph is back on January 20-23 2022! Does that make you think “It’s time for my turn in the spotlight as one of the designers of the oldest, dedicated blackbox festival in the world!”? It should!
Designing and running a blackbox larp is a great way to test out ideas. And both beginners and experienced designers can create interesting and cool blackbox larps using the tool set we provide.

We’re returning to our 2021 location at Valby Culture House. This means that we will have access to some amazing tech for lights and sound effects, so feel free to let your ideas run wild!
This year, the words of inspiration are Colours of the Rainbow. This can be understood in 3 ways:

  • Diversity. Take it as an extra permission to go wild and design whatever you’d like to, regardless of theme. We want you to bring your ideas, no matter what they are, and for Blackbox CPH 2022 to be a meeting place for many different styles of blackbox larping.
  • Colourful. Use the lights to the max and challenge our technicians, whether that means designing a polka-dotted spot-light larp or building the actual Bifröst with lights.
  • Rainbow. Let yourself be inspired by the symbolics of the fresh rainbow. It signifies new beginnings after the storm, wonders, miracles, and hope. It has also been used in a wealth of more specific meanings, appearing in fairy tales and mythology all over the world, uniting LGBT+ pride, and appearing after the Biblical flood in the story of Noa’s Ark. Use the entire rainbow, or pick a single shade and run with it. Red for bloodlust and rituals, perhaps, or Blue for larp blues and forget me not flowers.

Feel free to use tools like including an audience, bringing your own NPC, including props, making all the players wear white instead of black, making the larp more like an art piece, planting a tree together, and whatever we haven’t even thought of yet.

Ground rules:

  • Larp + Workshop + breaks can’t be more than 4 hours in total.
  • Your larp should allow for a flexible number of participants, preferably down to 6 and up to at least 8 – with about 30 being the reasonable max.
  • The participants should be able to play without having prepared anything in advance.

Blackbox Cph is primarily a festival for premiere larps, so we’ll prioritise original larps when putting together the programme. You’re still welcome to submit reruns, and we usually do have 1-2.
For more inspiration, you can also read these guidelines.

Send in your pitch by November 14 using this form. You’ll have a chance to make changes later, so don’t worry about getting it perfect. Make sure you’ve thought about both theme and design from the start. You can expect an answer around November 21.

Once your concept has been picked, you’ll be asked to write a short larp description for use on our website. You’ll also be assigned a stage and the dedicated support of one of our technicians. Members of the Blackbox organising group will be available for design guidance and support throughout the process, as is your preference.

Although the questions are in English, it’s okay to answer in Scandinavian.

Nb. It’s alright to send in your larp idea as a voice or video clip, as long as you still answer all the questions. In that case, send it to