By Ras Bolding, Maria Bergmann Hamming & Jeppe Bergmann Hamming

It is a party at Prospero´s and only the very special of fate are invited – this evening the feelings will be bigger, the drama grander and the music louder.

In the alternate opera reality of Libretto, we explore what would happen if Tosca had met Don José at an electro punk soiree. As a participant you get to explore the characters of some of the classical operas joined together in an alternate universe, where grand destinies are bound to meet, every sentence holds power over our futures, and we never settle for the less dramatic ending.

The game will alternate between physical play with the music in center stage and spoken scenes about the power words have over our fate as the central element. You don’t need to know or love operas; you just need to bring white a t-shirt and pants.

NB. Bring a white t-shirt and white pants!


Where: The Grand Stage
When: Saturday 11am-3pm (be in the building 15 minutes before)
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: 8-25
Language: English