Last Dance of the Shakers

Last Dance of the Shakers

By Jofrid Regitzesdatter

Last Dance Of The Shakers is about the Shakers, a religious movement in the US. The story takes place sometime in the 1800 where a group of young Shakers have to choose whether to stay in the group or leave for the outside world. The larp deals with themes like choice, community, selfishness, faith and loss of faith and love. It will be dramatic and tragic, but about personal exploration and hope. 

Methods used will be verbal scenes, non-verbal dancing, song and music. You can engage in some physical play in romantic scenes if you choose, and dance your heart out.

NB. The scenography involves working with dough so people with severe celiac should let the designer know before the game starts.


Where: The Grand Stage
When: Thursday 5-9pm (be in the building 15 minutes before)
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: 6-24
Language: English (with Danish help, if needed)