Club Oasis

Club Oasis

By Siri Sandquist & Carl Nordblom

In a rain-washed future, in a world where everyone has ceased hoping, where the rich and famous rule without challenge and the masses die dirty and forgotten, having never seen the light of day, one place offers a way to forget. The guests of Club Oasis party as if there’s no tomorrow and the Androids busily satisfy their every lust and whim. However, this night is not like all the other nights. This night, things will be pushed to the limit and everyone here will have to taste fear, will have to ask themselves: “What am I willing to sacrifice?”. For freedom, for survival, for an actual connection with another person.

During this intense night, to the beat of the music, faiths intertwine, humanity is lost, and life and death decisions need to be made.

Club Oasis is a larp set in the Atropos Androids universe.


Where: The Grand Stage
When: Saturday 11.00-15.00 (be in the building 15 minutes before)
Duration: 3-4 hours
Participants: 20
Language: English