Summer of ‘69

Summer of ‘69

By Mikkel Funch Brunberg

1969, Beth Abraham Hospital, Bronx, NY: It’s easy but loveless work, the everyday existing alongside the catatonic patients. Living but barely alive, the years silently creep past them.

As a new drug is administered, the patients come to life after decades of standstill. The friendships that follow create a sense of community and purpose; they make everyone bloom anew and truly live.

But miracles don’t last forever.

In Summer of ‘69, players will take on the roles of patients and orderlies as the new drug takes effect, as the patients experience the world anew, and as the effects of the drug inevitably wear off and the patients revert to their catatonic state. Only now surrounded by love.

Tagline: No miracle lasts forever. Only love is eternal.
Where: The Black Box
When: Thursday 17.00 – 20.00. (Be in the Lounge at least 15 minutes before.)
Duration: 3 hours
Players: 8-15
Language: All possible languages