Magic Motown Printer Room

Magic Motown Printer Room

By Maria and Jeppe Bergmann Hamming and Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn

In a sad and monotone office space, the Spirit of Motown manifests in the office copy machine, and the otherwise boring and meaningless office life gets turned around.

With music and happiness, the spirit breathes life into the dull grey employees and gradually they start to see life from a new perspective. The music makes them free of their emotional restrictions to seek the things they truly desire.

This is a feel-good music larp with song, dance, and a hint of situational comedy. Players should expect to move and dance and dress accordingly in either black clothes or grey and dull office wear.

Tagline: Feel the office groove.
Where: The Grand Stage
When: Friday 17.00 – 21.00. (Be in the Lounge at least 15 minutes before.)
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: 12-24
Language: English, Nordic, or Danish depending on players