Call for Programme

Call for Programme

Open call for future designers for Blackbox Cph VIII

Blackbox Cph is the first and most experimental blackbox scenario festival in the Nordic scene. Since 2011 our designers have pushed the limits for participatory expression through blackbox larps, and this year we want to take it even further!

We want your best ideas for larps that explore the borderlands of minimalism, theatricality, and expressionism. We will take ideas at any stage of completion and help you bring them to life, offering mentoring from experienced designers and cutting edge technical insight.

This year, we reserve a part of the programme for blackbox larps that include an audience in different ways. It could off cause be as passive spectators, but we think there is potential for another kind of participants than the players. We would like to see how the space between theatre and larp, audience and players can be explored and played around with.

Blackbox Cph has always been the hotbed for new creations, and we will honour this tradition by prioritising original larps. But you are very welcome to submit already proven concepts — who knows, we might love it. And of course, first-time designers with a vague, good idea and passion are every bit as welcome as veteran designers!

We will provide a blackbox theatre space with all the technical sound and lighting equipment you will need. We will also help with getting scenography and props. All you need to do is create and develop a concept for your scenario and of course run your creation at the festival. During development we will provide personal coaching for the aspects you feel unsure about and facilitate a creative space where you can work with other designers during our Crunch Jam day(s).

Blackbox VIII will be held on the 18th – 20th of January 2019, at Huset-KBH in Copenhagen.

Send us your pitch through this online survey.
The deadline for sending a pitch is the 7th of October 2018 at midnight.

Please note that you will have a maximum duration of 4 hours for your disposal; that is workshop, play, and debrief of your larp, including breaks.
Preferably your larp is not dependent on a specific number of players to work, but it should be open for at least 8 participants.