In the Blackbox Lounge you can hang out, relax, have a beer, or simply just chat about the larp you just went to play.

The Blackbox Lounge will be situated on the third floor in Musikcafeen, and we will make sure it is a super cozy place, inspired by our experiences from the event A Love Piece.

Friday evening The Blackbox Lounge will host a larp concert with the talented Lo Ersare performing We String. This will be an improvisational concert and people will be larping. But it is also fine if you just want to come and listen, there will be room for both.

Saturday evening The Blackbox Lounge will host our Blackbox Party. There will be music and dancing with The Tight Figthers, and there will swift serving of beer and booze as the regular bartenders from HusetKBH takes over the bar for the night.

The Blackbox Lounge is also the place you will be able to find our organiser on duty, which will be your contact if anything should happen, if you want to report misconduct, if you need someone to talk to, or if you simply need help with something.