Call out to future designers

Call out to future designers


We are the oldest and most experimental blackbox scenario festival in the nordic scene. Since 2011 we have pushed the limits for blackbox larps and this year we want to take it even further.

We want your best ideas for larps in the borderlands of minimalism, theatricality, and expressionism. We take ideas at any stage of completion and help you bring them to life through workshops, mentoring from experienced designers, and cutting edge technical insight.

We will provide a blackbox theatre space with all the technical sound and lighting equipment you will need. We also help with getting scenography and props for your larp. All you need to do is create and develop a concept for your scenario and of course run your creation at the event. During development we will host various workshops and testing spaces where you can try out elements and solutions with our enthusiastic test players, as well as personal coaching for the aspects you feel unsure about.

Blackbox VII will be held on the 12th – 14th of January 2018, at Huset-KBH in Copenhagen.

First-time designers with a vague, good idea and passion are as welcome as veteran designers, so get in touch and let us know that you want to be a part of our festival.

Send us your pitch at!